JPMorgan Chase & Co. Declares Quarterly Coupon On Alerian MLP Index ETN

JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced today the quarterly coupon amount for the Alerian MLP Index ETN (NYSE Arca: AMJ). The table below summarizes the coupon amount for the Alerian MLP Index ETN (the “Notes”).


RegisteredIssue Name





CouponAmount 1per Note

CurrentYield 2

Alerian MLPIndex ETN

November19, 2012

November27, 2012

November29, 2012

December7, 2012
$0.5225 5.58%

The Notes are subject to a maximum issuance limitation of 129,000,000 Notes, which may cause the Notes to trade at a premium relative to the indicative note value. Investors that pay a premium for the Notes could incur significant losses if that investor sells its Notes at a time when some or all of the premium is no longer present. We issued the final 11,050,000 Notes authorized for issuance on June 19, 2012.

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