Discover Fan Loyalty Poll: College Football Fans Disagree With Major Polls On Which Team Should Be No. 1

For 10 consecutive weeks, Alabama reigned as the best college football team in the country among fans, coaches and sportswriters, but the tide has quickly turned with the team’s loss to Texas A&M, leaving fans from this week’s Discover Fan Loyalty Poll in disagreement with major polls as to which team should take over the top spot.

Discover Loyalty poll fans gave the most votes to Oregon as the best team in the country right now, pushing the Crimson Tide to second. Last week’s Texas A&M win also put them in the top five teams this week among fans, pushing Georgia off the list. When compared to other polls, coaches and sportswriters ranked Kansas State first, followed by Oregon, Notre Dame, Alabama, and Georgia. The Discover Fan Loyalty Poll rankings this week are as follows:
  • Oregon, 25 percent
  • Alabama, 17 percent
  • Kansas State, 15 percent
  • Notre Dame, 13 percent
  • Texas A&M, 4 percent
  • Florida, 3 percent
  • Georgia, 3 percent
  • Louisiana State University, 3 percent
  • Some other team, 10 percent
  • Not sure, 6 percent

Alabama also lost favor with fans when asked which of the above teams they thought would win the national championship this year. Oregon rose to the occasion and is in first place at 31 percent, followed by:
  • Alabama, 21 percent
  • Notre Dame, 16 percent
  • Kansas State, 13 percent
  • Georgia, 3 percent
  • Florida, 2 percent
  • Louisiana State University, 2 percent
  • Texas A&M, 2 percent
  • Some other team, 3 percent
  • Not sure, 7 percent

On a lighter note, when fans were asked to choose from among five A-List celebrities to crash their tailgate or gameday parties, Will Ferrell and Matthew McConaughey tied for the top spot at 24 percent, followed by:
  • Beyonce, 13 percent
  • Ashton Kutcher, 12 percent
  • LeBron James, 9 percent
  • Not sure, 18 percent

Not surprisingly, McConaughey stole the heart of most women and Ferrell was the most popular among men.

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