Sell Your Business, Count Your Blessings: Ask Noah

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Q: My wife and I started a small business seven years ago, which we've put our backs and hearts into. The last three years have been really tough and we're going to sell. I can't help being overly skeptical of all potential buyers. There's a buyer that both my wife and our financial adviser approve of. I don't agree with them; my wife says I'm making business personal. Obviously, I need some non-biased advice on how to approach this process. Thanks!

A: Your business has been your baby; a creation you successfully saw through to completion. I would absolutely expect a great resistance in the final moments before you sell.

However, it is now time to be practical.

Your financial adviser is on board, so I will assume the business is being sold at a fair price.

Your wife and co-creator of the business has approved the deal as well, further suggesting these buyers are fair-minded and well-intentioned.

It seems to me your objections are rooted in fear of what the business will look like in the future. Once you sell, you recognize this won't be "your business" to worry about at all. As difficult as this seems to wrap your head around, you've clearly been able to comprehend the magnitude; that's why you're resisting the cessation of control.

The sacrifice in exchange for getting money from the sale, is the acceptance that you will lose the right to define the future of the business. Therefore, you will most likely object to any new owner that isn't you or your wife.

Your objections to these buyers has nothing to do with them personally. You're dragging your feet because "giving up" something that you put everything into frequently feels like an admission of failure.

Switch your thinking and context immediately.

You aren't "giving up," you're moving on. This decision to sell was one of necessity. You and your wife are being very realistic, your resolve to bring in capital is admirable and intelligent.

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