It is important to note that during last week we are performing a production test of the TBMT-2HP well and so far the results within expectations.

Campos Basin Exploration Campaign

On October 5, OGX obtained environmental authorization from IBAMA to begin drilling in the BM-C-37 and BM-C-38 blocks. This authorization will allow the Company to advance its exploratory campaign in this very promising region, where it plans to apply the expertise of its technical team and two of its rigs to continue drilling wildcat and appraisal wells.

Below we highlight results obtained in the third quarter:

Villarrica: We have concluded drilling the wildcat well in the accumulation, OGX-87, and identified 8 meters of net pay in the Maastrichtian section and 2 meters in the Paleocene section.

Fuji: We have finished drilling the fourth appraisal well of the accumulation, OGX-90D, where we discovered 2 meters of net pay in the Albian section.

Cozumel: We have commenced drilling the wildcat well of the accumulation, OGX-99, which is still in progress.

  • Receipt of Operating License to begin production of natural gas
  • 2 important discoveries of hydrocarbons in the Bom Jesus accumulation
  • Commenced drilling 5 exploratory wildcat wells

Development of the Gavião Real and Gavião Azul fields

Development of Gavião Real Field project is on schedule and has progressed substantially in recent months, with two rigs focused on production development. The drilling of all 16 production wells planned for this phase of the project has already been concluded, of which 11 have already been completed and the remaining 5 are in the process of completion and connection to the GTU. We also concluded the drilling of the first water disposal well, GVR-15D, which will work in conjunction with the second disposal well (GVR-16D), in drilling progress.