Post-Election Breakouts to Trade

NEW YORK ( -- Over the past two months, the SPDR Gold ( GLD) exchange-traded fund and Apple ( AAPL) have had a sizable bite taken out of their share prices.

Active traders along with the longer-term investors have had a wild ride this fall watching these investments slide to multi-month lows. The big question is when will gold and Apple shares bounce?

Here we are again with another election behind us and Barack Obama in the White House. Many think this means four years of the same thing -- printing, Inflation and higher stock prices.

Is this good or bad for Americans, or the world for that matter? I doubt it, but who really knows and who cares? There is nothing anyone can do about it now. So buckle up your seatbelt and focus on trading and investing with major trend both within the United States and abroad using exchange traded funds.

Currently, the broad stock market and commodities are in a full-blown bull market, so the focus should be to buy the dips until proven wrong. Below are some charts showing the important breakout levels for Apple, metals, oil and key indexes like the Russell 2000.

Be aware that during pullbacks that last more than a month, which is the market has done, some of the biggest drops in price happen just before prices bottom. Scaling into positions is the key to minimal draw downs.

AAPL Stock Chart:

Shares of Apple clearly show the down channel that must be broken before investors start buying again. This stock seems to have big potential for $650 to be reached quickly. If Apple shares rise so will the overall stock market.

GLD Exchange-Traded Fund:

During August and September investors flooded the gold market in anticipation of QE3. Since then gold has been drifting lower with profit taking and because of some slowly strengthening U.S. economic numbers. Gold looks ready for a run to the $1,800 but may stabilize here for a few weeks first.

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