5. Andy Williams/Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Total plays per season: 18,459

This song routinely falls into the Top 5 for reasons unknown. During what is easily one of the most stressful periods of the year, does this little ditty about scary ghost stories and mistletoeing really make people fell better? When you're about to pack into a flying cattle car for a six-hour trip behind a guy who's treating his seat and your lap like his living room easy chair, does hearing this song make you want to punt his balding head into first class any less? When you're stuck in a two-hour traffic backup because every route of your commute goes past a mall, does hearing it on your car radio make you less inclined to lean on the horn or wonder aloud why more people don't shop online? Williams died back in September, but this impossibly upbeat number will haunt harried holiday shoppers and travelers for yet another season.

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