PowerSecure Proudly Serves In Sandy Aftermath

PowerSecure International, Inc. (Nasdaq: POWR) today published an open letter received from a resident of Oyster Bay, Long Island, regarding the Company and their utility’s service in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Sidney Hinton, PowerSecure’s CEO, stated, “Our teams are serving the utilities and communities affected by this horrible storm with a sense of purpose and pride. We are blessed to be able to help.”

“An open letter (to PowerSecure):

I just wanted to say.... As the Northeast copes and tries to recover from nature's fury with Hurricane Sandy... I've seen trucks with PowerSecure on them with out-of-state license plates. Working along with LIPA to get our homes heated, lights on, and dangerous situations with downed power lines alleviated.

I am assuming I have the right email address, my apologies if that is not the case. In essence, thank you. To you and to every other power company, and to each individual that made the trip to get this hard work done.

It's still a bit scary as many lost homes, loved ones, and now hope... as people are stealing from each other, brawling over gas lines, just today a gun store was broken into.

People are scared and desperate... But knowing how many others are here to help and are working around the clock... Restores that hope for me. I have my power back. And I wept a bit, not just to watch TV, or check my Facebook page... But to know that progress is being made. And that we'll bounce back. So many everyday things-routines-are taken for granted. Washing machine. A microwave. Coffee-maker. Hot water. I've just had the best and most gratitude-filled shower... After days of ice cold water.

Please extend heartfelt thanks and hugs to your workers up here... We appreciate them being here more than they may know. I certainly do.

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