In short, the U.S. election process is now a competition between two oligarch-funded political institutions who represent nothing more than slightly different ways of serving those oligarchs. It is both eerie and ironic how much the current U.S. political system resembles the political system of the old Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union had "elections," too. Their people were also given the "choice" of two candidates. The only difference between the two systems is a cosmetic one. In the U.S., the two oligarch-serving institutions are given two, different "party" names, to create the illusion of real choice. In the Soviet Union, the lack of choice was explicit: both candidates were representatives of the Communist Party "competing" to see who would get to serve the Communist oligarchs.

This political tunnel vision in the U.S. is nothing less than binary insanity. The delusion that replacing Tweedle-Dee with Tweedle-Dum can/will solve all their problems, despite election after election where this political game of "musical chairs" never changes anything.

I label this a form of "insanity" because the voters themselves know their compulsion to alternate between Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum is futile, as reflected by the consistently low approval ratings they give their representatives (of both parties). It is obviously a "binary" form of insanity.

This can be demonstrated by asking the disgruntled American voter a rhetorical question: If you hate both parties, then why not vote for a Third Party? Here the binary insanity of Americans has been relentlessly reinforced by the corporate media, itself owned by a handful of oligarchs.

These other shills for the rich have drummed their Big Lie into the minds of Americans through endless repetition: "A vote for a Third Party is a wasted vote." The pseudo-logic the propaganda machine uses to justify the Lie is a classic example of circular reasoning.

Voting for a Third Party is a "waste of a vote" they say, because no Third Party candidate "would ever have a chance of being elected." However, that assertion is only true as long as Americans believe it to be true. The moment that Americans stopped believing this Big Lie, Third Party candidates would instantly become viable alternatives.