These cats just can't pace themselves. They walk in the door and immediately go to extremes. Downing shots. Chasing them with beers. Dancing on tables, starting fights and puking in the corner before the clock even thinks about striking midnight.

That -- the I Go To Extremes part -- made me think of Billy Joel.

Billy's epic We Didn't Start The Fire always fits so well in these situations. There's always a crisis. The sky is always falling. It's always the end of the line. It's been that way since the world's been turning though, man.

Did the people clutching rosaries, loading underground bunkers and stocking up on firearms in anticipation of an Obama victory "get born" yesterday? Have they not lived through multiple years of the American political spectacle?

If they have, I'm not sure how they could be concerned. This hysteria surfaces every four years.

Here's the irony, though.

Many of the people I'm calling out couple prayers for the country in the event of "four more years" with the belief that Obama supporters are little more than helpless, unwilling-to-work hacks mooching off the bloated welfare state.

I will never understand how people who think this way have such fear over who occupies in the Oval Office.

If you're the self-sufficient, hard-working and enterprising type, does it really matter? It never has to me, which is why I find it easy to be indifferent to the entire process. I don't care who the President is or how the Congressional dichotomy shakes itself out.

Doesn't matter. I'll succeed (or fail) by my own accord, not somebody else's.

Some of the cats who fear an Obama victory, though not all, might argue that an Obama victory creates or continues the creation of a country that does not reward the aforementioned qualities. In other words, this type of democratic regime hinders my ability to be successful!

I riff chords of bull!

if you're of that opinion or anything close to it, you have taken up the very position you accuse the so-called welfare mothers and lazy unemployed bums of taking.

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