Think of the U.S. dollar as the Titanic. Instead of trying to patch the Titanic as it began to sink to the bottom of the ocean, we have the Federal Reserve dynamiting more holes in the hull.

Readers need to fully grasp the three trends that are all rapidly/simultaneously destroying the value of the U.S. dollar:
  • Exponentially increasing U.S. deficits are requiring exponentially increasing money-printing as all this new dollar-denominated debt is issued. This alone must result in hyperinflation, the only question being when.
  • The switch from the dollar to the renminbi must result sooner or later in a panic flight out of the dollar and also U.S. hyperinflation.
  • Gratuitous money-printing from the Federal Reserve to the Wall Street crime syndicate now exceeds $1 trillion per year in 0% "loans" and simple hand-outs.

Out of the three trends above, the only one not entirely self-explanatory is the second. The move from the dollar to the renminbi must become a stampede, precisely because of the economic parameters previously outlined.

The U.S. and nearly all of the West are dying economies. Permanent near-zero interest rates and the suicidal insanity of "competitive devaluation" proclaim this to the world. Gigantic, unsustainable deficits make debt default merely a formality now for nearly all Western nations. Thus, in a world of crumbling currencies the West's paper must collapse faster.

This, in turn, must result in one of the most basic forms of human behavior in markets: the desire to flee assets falling in value (Western paper currencies) and gravitate toward what is rising in value (in relative terms) -- the renminbi. As this herd behavior steadily builds, a stampede is inevitable.

The global economy is now telegraphing a message for any/all with the sense to pay heed to it:

Will the last dollar-holder out the door please turn off the lights...?

This article was written by an independent contributor, separate from TheStreet's regular news coverage.