TheStreet Predicts Obama Will Win the 2012 Election

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- We've entered the final 48 hours before the presidential election will be called for either President Barack Obama or Republican nominee Mitt Romney, and that means it's time to take a peek at predictions.

TheStreet asked a number of its reporters, editors, contributors and others to give us their take on who they think will win Tuesday's election and what they think it means for the country moving forward.

Here's what they had to say in their own words.

Josh Brown, founder of The Reformed Broker:

"Obama takes the vote home in the Electoral College (the only place it counts, thanks to our inability to abolish this slavery-era construct) but the popular vote will be quite close. Meanwhile, the House and Senate split between Blues and Reds. This means four more years of gridlock winter, the continued court battles over health care and a last-minute ugly compromise on fiscal cliff issues before Christmas. The market will sell off into that battle, rally back on its resolution, cause a lot of consternation in the process, but will end up having gone nowhere.

"Thus, frustration shall be the order of the day for Republicans, Democrats, bulls, bears and, most deliciously, forecasters with strong opinions in one direction or the other. None shall have satisfaction this season."

Rocco Pendola, writer at TheStreet:

"As I explained last week in Obama Won the Election This Week, Hurricane Sandy, particularly N.J. Gov. Chris Christie's more-than-positive response to Washington's support, cinched the election for Barack Obama.

"This put Mitt Romney in the unfortunate situation of having to a.) step out of the spotlight and b.) put the gloves back on. That, alongside ultimately lame Fox News-fueled attempts to make Libya a campaign issue and somewhat upbeat jobs numbers of late, tipped the scales in favor of the incumbent.

"Obama seals the deal relatively early Tuesday night with more than 290 electoral votes. Christie runs as a moderate Republican and a 'uniter' in 2016."

Brian Sozzi, contributor to TheStreet/chief equities analyst at NBG Productions:

"Overall Predictions: President Obama narrowly (think by 1%-2%) wins the popular vote, and wins close to 300 Electoral College votes. Pushing him closer to that Electoral College number are narrow wins in battleground states Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Virginia. Florida goes to Romney. In terms of Senate/House, Democrats snag a couple more seats, keep the majority. Republicans lose some ground in House, but keep their majority.

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