Charge Into Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Financial stocks may have regained their stride since the depths of the financial crisis, but they still have a way to go as the housing market recovers, says Mark Oelschlager, portfolio manager for Pin Oak Equity Fund ( POGSX).

The large-cap blend fund, which garners three stars from Morningstar, has returned 14% year-to-date, beating the S&P 500 by over a full percentage point.

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Why has your fund outperformed so far this year?

Oelschlager: A good portion of the outperformance of the fund is the result of our bet on the financial sector, which has led the market in 2012. Because of what happened in the financial crisis, this was the most unloved area of the market for a couple years, and that led to some great values. While we were, and still are, very cognizant of the headwinds the sector faces, the stock prices more than accounted for those, and as we looked out a couple years, we saw the potential for better loan growth and net interest margins. What's interesting is that the stocks have actually rallied this year without much improvement in those areas, but the market is seeing the improving housing data and in our opinion correctly concluding that this will translate into a better environment for financials.

What is your top stock pick?

Oelschlager: Our top pick is most certainly Wells Fargo ( WFC). It's a leading mortgage company that doesn't take a lot of risks. Despite the recent run in the stock, it trades at just 10x 2012 EPS and a modest premium to book value. Recently it increased its dividend by over 80%. While the housing stocks have been roaring and are highly valued, lenders like Wells are still moderately priced even though they are driven by many of the same factors.

What is your top "sleeper" or "under the radar" stock pick?

Oelschlager: While it's a well-known company, I call Charles Schwab ( SCHW) a sleeping giant. Its earnings power has been dramatically reduced due to 0% short-term rates, as it forces the company to waive hundreds of millions of dollars in fees on its money market funds every year in order to prevent an investor's return from becoming negative. This has kept a lid on the stock.

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