Discover Fan Loyalty Poll: ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ Not In The Cards For Most College Football Fans

Most college football fans wouldn’t risk job security for free tickets to their favorite college football team’s game, as the Discover Fan Loyalty Poll shows only 5 percent would take a page from Ferris Bueller’s playbook and try to get away with calling in sick to see their team play.

In the ninth week of Discover’s national survey designed to gauge college football fan loyalty, fans were asked what they would do if offered free tickets to see their favorite team play on a day they had to work. The majority, 70 percent, would tell their boss the truth and ask for the day off, while 15 percent would simply refuse the tickets and go to work that day. A smaller number of fans, 6 percent, would sell the tickets, and the remaining 4 percent were unsure of what they would do.

However, if their boss was a diehard fan of the rival team playing in that game, 19 percent of fans think it’s a good idea to invite their boss to the game.

Since the launch of the Discover Fan Loyalty Poll back in September, fans haven’t budged on their choice for the best team in the country. Alabama came in at No. 1 again with 49 percent of the vote. Fans came in closer agreement this week on the order of the top five, but dropped Florida in favor of Georgia. The rankings are as follows:
  • Alabama, 49 percent
  • Oregon, 10 percent
  • Kansas State, 10 percent
  • Notre Dame, 9 percent
  • Georgia, 3 percent
  • Florida, 2 percent
  • Louisiana State University, 2 percent
  • South Carolina, 1 percent
  • Some other team, 8 percent
  • Not sure, 6 percent

Alabama also remained the fans’ top pick for winning the national championship with 49 percent. However, Notre Dame actually leapfrogged Kansas State and Oregon in this category, earning 13 percent of the vote. Kansas State and Oregon received 11 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

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