In addition to filing for waivers in the RBC States, we intend to write new first-lien mortgage insurance business in Radian Mortgage Assurance Inc. (“RMAI”) in any RBC State that does not permit Radian Guaranty to continue writing insurance while it is out of compliance with applicable Statutory RBC Requirements. RMAI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Radian Guaranty and is licensed to write mortgage insurance in each of the fifty states and the District of Columbia. In February 2012, RMAI received approval from Fannie Mae to write new mortgage insurance business in any RBC State where Radian Guaranty would be prohibited from writing new business if it were not in compliance with the state’s Statutory RBC Requirement without a waiver or other similar relief (the “Fannie Mae Approval”). Also in February 2012, Freddie Mac approved RMAI (the “Freddie Mac Approval” and together with the Fannie Mae Approval, the “GSE Approvals”) to write business in those RBC States for which we have been denied a waiver (New York, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas and Oregon, subject to our filing for a waiver in Oregon upon breach of the Statutory RBC Requirement in that state). Because our application for a waiver is pending in Idaho, Freddie Mac has not yet authorized RMAI to write business in that state.

These approvals are temporary (the Fannie Mae Approval expires on December 31, 2013, and the Freddie Mac Approval expires on December 31, 2012) and are conditioned upon our compliance with a broad range of conditions and restrictions, including without limitation, minimum capital and liquidity requirements, a maximum risk-to-capital ratio of 20 to 1 for RMAI, restrictions on the payment of dividends and restrictions on affiliate transactions involving Radian Guaranty or RMAI. Under the GSE approvals, Radian Group is also required to contribute $50 million of additional capital to RMAI (which may be made on or before February 27, 2013 under the current terms of the Fannie Mae Approval) if Radian Guaranty’s risk-to-capital ratio exceeds applicable Statutory RBC Requirements. There can be no assurance that: (1) we will be able to comply with the conditions imposed by the GSEs’ approval for RMAI; (2) the GSEs will not revoke or terminate their approvals, which they generally have the authority to do at any time; (3) the approvals will be renewed or extended after their original expiration dates; or (4) additional requirements will not be imposed as a condition to such on-going approvals, including their renewal or extension.

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