Radian Guaranty’s risk-to-capital position also is dependent on the performance of our financial guaranty portfolio. During the third quarter of 2008, we contributed our ownership interest in Radian Asset Assurance to Radian Guaranty. While this reorganization provided Radian Guaranty with substantial regulatory capital and dividends, it also makes the capital adequacy of our mortgage insurance business dependent, to a significant degree, on the successful run-off of our financial guaranty business. Any decrease in the capital support from our financial guaranty business would therefore have a negative impact on Radian Guaranty’s risk-to-capital position and its ability to remain in compliance with the Statutory RBC Requirements. If our financial guaranty portfolio performs worse than anticipated, including if we are required to establish (or increase) statutory reserves on defaulted obligations that we have insured, or if we make net commutation payments to terminate insured financial guaranty obligations in excess of the then established statutory reserves for such obligations, the statutory capital of Radian Guaranty also would be negatively impacted.

We actively manage Radian Guaranty’s risk-to-capital position in various ways, including: (1) through internal and external reinsurance arrangements; (2) by seeking opportunities to reduce our risk exposure through commutations or other negotiated transactions; (3) by contributing additional capital from Radian Group to our mortgage insurance subsidiaries; and (4) by realizing gains in our investment portfolio through open market sales of securities. Radian Group had unrestricted cash and liquid investments of $368.3 million as of September 30, 2012, which amount includes approximately $38.7 million of future expected corporate expenses and interest payments that have been accrued for and paid by certain subsidiaries to Radian Group as of that date. Radian Group currently has $79.4 million of outstanding debt that will come due in February 2013 and an additional $250 million of outstanding debt due in 2015. Our remaining available liquidity may be used to further support Radian Guaranty’s risk-to-capital position. Depending on the extent of our future statutory incurred losses in our mortgage insurance subsidiaries and in Radian Asset Assurance, as well as the level of new insurance written and other factors, the amount of capital contributions required for Radian Guaranty to remain in compliance with the Statutory RBC Requirements could be substantial and could exceed amounts available at Radian Group.

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