And then there's the lovefest from New Jersey, and I'm not talking about Springsteen stumping on the campaign trail for Obama last week.

Republican governor Chris Christie saying I don't give a damn about election day!. Newark Mayor Cory Booker playfully telling CNBC this morning about Christie, I never have to read his mind.

Christie praised Obama's handling of the crisis. Obama basically said what Christie said. Something to the effect of The election will take care of itself.

That's the closest thing to political unity we've had since 9/11.

Cynicism Alert: Although I think Christie is genuine (he loves Springsteen after all), I wonder if he has his sights set on a 2016 run for President? By -- even if unintentionally -- setting Romney up for a fall, he puts himself into prime position when the office must change hands.

In any event, it's all over. Obama won.

Sandy sucked. I hated it. It tears my heart out to have left Wall Street in such great shape about 10 days ago only to see it get decimated this week.

But, at least it put politics on the back burner and settled this petty little red vs. blue squabble for the time being.
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