The company's operating profit for the first six months increased to 87.4 billion yen, from 47.6 billion yen a year ago. On the other hand, pre-tax loss totaled 278.7 billion yen, compared with a loss of 159.3 billion yen a year ago. This was due mainly to business restructuring expenses of 355.5 billion yen, including impairment losses of goodwill and intangible assets in other deductions in solar, consumer-use lithium-ion batteries and mobile phone businesses. Taking into consideration significant sales decreases in Japan and continuous severe business environment in the third quarter onwards, in accordance with U.S. GAAP, the company increased the valuation allowances to deferred tax assets in Panasonic Corporation and Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., and incurred provision for income taxes of 412.5 billion yen. Accordingly, Net loss attributable to Panasonic Corporation amounted to 685.2 billion yen compared with a loss of 136.2 billion yen a year ago.

Consolidated Six-month Breakdown by Segment

The company's six-month consolidated sales and profits by segment with previous year comparisons are summarized as follows:

AVC Networks

Sales decreased by 24% to 690.0 billion yen from 913.6 billion yen a year ago. This result was due mainly to significant sales decline in flat-panel TVs, BD recorders and digital cameras. Segment profit significantly improved to 19.9 billion yen, compared with a loss of 15.7 billion yen a year ago due mainly to fixed cost reductions and restructuring effects.


Sales increased by 2% to 814.0 billion yen, compared with 801.1 billion yen a year ago. Despite sales decrease in air conditioners, this result was due mainly to sales increases in refrigerators and washing machines. Segment profit was slightly lower than the previous year, amounting to 51.0 billion yen, compared with 52.8 billion yen a year ago.

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