I tend not to cite Wikipedia as a "source," but the user-staffed site does a pretty good job breaking down the various numbers that attempt to quantify the browser wars.

No matter who takes the measurement or what percentages they come up with, one thing is certain: Internet Explorer continues to shed market share to competitors such as Google ( GOOG) Chrome and Apple's Safari.

Despite protests from IT and software nerds, there's no reason why the same exact thing can't happen vis-a-vis Office.

I'm not privy to Apple's plans, but this much is obvious: The company continues to take more and more of what fuels it in house. From Maps to silicon chips and, maybe soon, streaming radio, Apple wants to control every step of the process as much as it possibly can, just as it does with its ecosystem, marketing and the supply chain.

The only real advantage Microsoft and the whole Windows platform has in this new market that blends business and pleasure is the comfort of the status quo and Office.

Apple broke the BlackBerry habit.

Up next, Office. But it's entrenched!. Yes, just like Internet Explorer was and still sort of is.

If you're not at least taste-testing the Apple Kool-Aid, you probably need to start studying history. It's littered with once-living, now-deceased unfortunate assumptions about the why and how of tech.

iWork in every cubicle across America sounds kind of silly today. I give you that. But it's no more silly than predicting the demise of the CrackBerry obsession and the steady crumble of IE's foothold.

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