Hot On The Heels Of The Freshly Launched Apple Mini Tablet, SolaWerks Prepares To Unveil The Ultimate Apple Accessory - The Latest SolaCase

SolaWerks Inc., a subsidiary of DoMark International Inc. (OTCBB: DOMK) (the "Company" or "DoMark"), today announced that it is approaching the final stages of preparation to launch the latest SolaCase product made especially for Apple's latest mobile device, the iPhone 5. Moreover, SolaWerks is nearing its pre-order launch date for the latest SolaCase for Apple iPhone 4/4S devices. SolaWerks will begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5 compatible SolaCase within the next thirty days (late November), while the iPhone 4/4S compatible SolaCase will be available for pre-order in the next fourteen days (mid-November).

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is moving full speed ahead with new device releases. Just on Tuesday, Apple introduced the Apple Mini, a smaller version of its best selling iPad device, rounding out its tablet product set and offering a snappy new competitor device to the 7" tablet market. Approximately a month ago, launched the iPhone 5 in September after much anticipation and delay. The phone that took less than an hour to sell out on was also sold out at many Apple Stores and carrier stores across the U.S. after just a few hours, and it remains extremely difficult to find a new iPhone more than a month later.

SolaWerks has taken into consideration voluminous feedback from many current SolaCase and SolaPad users in bringing its next generation products to the market. The next generation SolaPad and SolaCase have been engineered to incorporate new features and capabilities designed to make Apple customers' iPhones or iPads much more powerful and functional. The SolaCase and SolaPad systems cover and recharge the batteries of Apple's iPhone and iPad devices using solar power. Each SolaPad or SolaCase cover contains a large, high-efficiency solar panel on its reverse side, plus an additional internal battery to keep Apple devices charged at all times. Apple iPads and iPhones no longer need to be plugged in for hours to get charged - liberate yourself and your Apple device with SolaWerks!