Savings in 2013 should approximate $40 to $50 million ($30 to $40 million aftertax) effective in the latter part of the year. The anticipated charges for 2013 are expected to amount to approximately $260 to $310 million ($185 to $220 million aftertax.)

Initiatives under the program will focus on the following three areas:
  • Expanding Commercial Hubs – Building on the success of this structure already implemented in several divisions, continue to cluster single-country subsidiaries into more efficient regional hubs, in order to drive smarter and faster decision making, strengthen capabilities available on the ground and improve cost structure.
  • Extending Shared Business Services and Streamlining Global Functions – Implementing the Company’s shared service organizational model, already successful in Europe, in all regions of the world. Initially focused on finance and accounting, these shared services will be expanded to additional functional areas to streamline global functions.
  • Optimizing Global Supply Chain and Facilities – Continuing to optimize manufacturing efficiencies, global warehouse networks and office locations for greater efficiency, lower cost and speed to bring innovation to market.

It is expected that by the end of 2016, the 2012 Restructuring Program will reduce the Company’s global employee workforce by approximately 6% from the current level of 38,600.

Ian Cook, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer commented, “We are living in a fast-changing world with many challenges including slowing economies in many countries. This program will help us to move forward from our current position of strength to continue to deliver sustained, profitable growth over the long-term.

“This initiative offers us the opportunity to expand many of our already successful programs. For example, we have seen extended growth in Latin America where we have been managing the division with regional hubs for many years. Additionally, in Europe, our financial shared service center in Warsaw, Poland has significantly reduced structural costs for the region.

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