As of September 30, 2012, the Company’s commercial real estate debt and other assets portfolio consisted of $2.8 billion of diversified assets financed with $1.9 billion of primarily match funded, non-recourse debt In addition, the portfolio consisted of $144 million of senior living properties financed with $88 million of non-recourse mortgage notes. Assets included 219 commercial, residential and corporate real estate securities and loan investments with an average investment size of $11 million, 9,137 mortgage loans backed by residential real estate, and eight senior living properties.

This portfolio generated total cash flow of $172 million and increased in value by $39 million. During the quarter, the weighted average carrying value of the real estate debt portfolio changed from a price of 82.0% to 83.3% of par.

Newcastle CDO financings

As of September 30, 2012, Newcastle’s four CDOs consisted of $1.8 billion face amount of collateral (value of 79.9% of par) financed with $1.2 billion of non-recourse debt. During the quarter, the CDOs generated $159 million of total cash flow, which included:
  • $25 million of CDO cash receipts consisting of $21 million of excess interest, $3 million of interest on retained and repurchased CDO debt, and $1 million of senior collateral management fees
  • $134 million of proceeds from the sale of the CDO X interests and principal repayments on repurchased CDO debt

In addition, CDO IV passed its quarterly over-collateralization tests in September 2012. As a result of deferred interest payments on debt that is senior to the Company’s Class V and equity holdings, the Company did not receive any additional cash flow during the quarter. If CDO IV continues to pass the over-collateralization tests, the Company should begin to receive additional cash flow to these holdings.

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