NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Jim I'm hearing that Target is selling its credit card business. Now, this is kind of disturbing because wasn't that the business that was saving them in the quarters that sales were bad?

Jim Cramer:
Well, it's amazing. They battled through the depths of the recession and the bad loans and they get to the Promised Land and they sell it. Now, I was initially disappointed they didn't sell for more and secondly, that they sold it at all, but you know what Debra. They've done so many things right here. It's almost as if what they're saying is look, you got to trust us. We turned around the stores. We're back into growth mode, done a lot right, it's the right time for this. Very rare do I just say, okay, look, my judgment is trumped by their judgment, but I think that they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Debra Borchardt:
Well, they had held onto the credit card business when everybody was getting rid of theirs.

Jim Cramer:
Right. Now, you can say they're selling at the top, they're selling at a perfect time. I mean, I searched TD's a very good outfit. I know those guys really well. This could be a win for everybody. I still think that apropos, over some of the other things we've been talking about, the American consumer is in good shape. Target is in remarkable shape and the money keeps shifting from one area to another and now, it's shifting back to retail. I want to see whether Ross stores can bottom, that's been a complete sore, Bed Bath.

Debra Borchardt:
Do you think Target's going to have a good holiday?

Jim Cramer:
Yes. I know that there were some commentary from UPS saying that they're getting a little cautionary about the holiday spend, but then UPS is up today, so I don't know. Look, I think we're at this moment where as soon as you see a lot of red ink, people just say it's over. I mean, that's been the characterization of this bull market since it began. Get two days of red ink and it's over. You know Friday's red ink and today's red ink and I think that it gets over for parts of the economy and parts of the market, but it ain't over for Polaris and it's not over for Target.
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