McAfee Advances Endpoint Security To Reach Highest Levels Of Protection And Performance

FOCUS12 - As part of its Security Connected approach, McAfee announced advancements in its endpoint security products to deliver innovative context-aware security to defend against advanced threats. While first generation security focused on finding and reactively fixing known threats, McAfee next generation endpoint security protects businesses from both known and unknown threats. With thousands of new threats designed every day, protecting devices, data and applications from the unknown is where companies need to focus.

“Implementing and managing security in complex IT environments that include virtual and physical computing, employee owned devices, servers, laptops and data centers is a full time job,” said Ryan Finlay, IT Manager for Networking, Telecommunications, and Security at Reliant Medical Group. “Add onto that the challenges of unknown sophisticated malware threats and McAfee’s advanced approach gives us an easy way to provide comprehensive endpoint protection.”

McAfee’s innovative new solutions include user-centric dynamic whitelisting, day-zero intrusion prevention of master boot records, secure containers for mobile devices, and encrypted remote management to address advanced threats. Third party testing utilizing these technologies against an industry standard sample malware set proved this approach to be highly successful. According to an independent test by West Coast Labs, McAfee’s Next Generation Endpoint Security successfully blocked 100% of malware. The importance of such advanced protection was further emphasized by Gartner’s Neil MacDonald who stated, “Context-aware and adaptive security will be the only way to securely support the dynamic business and IT infrastructures emerging during the next 10 years.” 1

New McAfee Endpoint Security offerings include:

McAfee Deep Defender – the latest version of the jointly developed Intel and McAfee hardware-enhanced endpoint protection product dramatically increases the scope of day zero root kit protection to include Master Boot Record rootkits, which are the source of many stealthy financial and identity stealing attacks.

McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC or Mac – major enhancements have reduced overhead to near zero performance impact on SSD drives using Intel’s AES-NI technology. Also integration with Intel AMT technology and McAfee ePO Deep Command allows for secure and remote management of powered off or disabled devices including devices using Windows 8.

McAfee Application Control – new enhancements take whitelisting beyond the common desktop environment and now give IT managers control over how a non-whitelisted application can be approved by delivering an innovative three level approval technology.

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Manager – now supports Apple iOS 6 and integrates the newest version of McAfee Secure Container for Android 2.0. This new release provides additional security and management for Android and Apple iOS 6 devices.

“A new generation of mobile devices and users requires the next generation of protection,” said Candace Worley, senior vice president and general manager of endpoint security at McAfee. “McAfee advancements in endpoint security protect businesses from both the known and unknown across all platforms. By delivering innovative security technology with the highest levels of protection, McAfee is addressing the customer demand for optimum application performance without impacting user experience.”

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