PARIS, Oct. 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As electric cars become more popular, the complexity of the technology required to keep the networks and charging stations up and running also increases.

To streamline its operations and technology infrastructure, Better Place, the leading global provider of electric car networks, selected BMC Software's (Nasdaq:BMC) Business Service Management (BSM) suite - working with leading Israeli information technology company, Matrix, to implement the solution.

"Our Better Place operation center is responsible for more than 100,000 charging poles and dozens of battery replacement stations across Israel and around the world," said Yossi Maor, project manager at Matrix. "We rely on BMC's solutions to run our centers at optimal levels, ensuring that our charging poles are fully functional while alerting us to any system issue that might compromise car charging and service. In certain scenarios, the technology even enables us to communicate directly with drivers, referring them to an alternative charging station in case of operational issues."

The Challenge

Better Place looked to satisfy a growing market and differentiate itself by anticipating its customers' needs and providing superior service to address them. The company needed to operate intricate operations, including the ability to communicate with electric vehicle owners about battery status and the location of the nearest charging station, keep charging poles up and running and send alerts about potential issues, to name a few. 

The Solution

Better Place recognized the need for BMC's BSM solution to streamline its operations and technology infrastructure to improve overall service and increase customer satisfaction. BMC's solution is at the heart of the company's charging pole monitoring systems and is the crucial infrastructure to receiving alerts and information from replacement stations.


The Better Place system offers significant benefits to help the company maintain customer service and support, including:
  • Dedicated service desk functioning as a central point of contact for issue reporting that also monitors every ticket to its successful resolution
  • Complete control of the servers, applications, databases, communication network, storage and event management console to centralized operations
  • Automatic version updates to maintain the highest level of service and support

In addition to Israel, Better Place has implemented BMC management solutions in Denmark and Australia.

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