BlackRock Launches New Digital Retirement Center

BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE: BLK) today launched a new digital retirement center to coincide with the congressionally-sanctioned “National Save for Retirement Week,” which runs from October 21 through 27. Individuals are encouraged to visit The BlackRock Retirement Center to access insights, resources and tools at

The BlackRock Retirement Center features practical and relevant age-based content and insights to help individuals better prepare for retirement in what BlackRock has called a “New World of Investing,” in which yields are low, markets are volatile and confidence is scarce. The age-based content assists investors with defining needs, identifying goals and providing actionable steps when saving and investing for or during their retirement.

The launch coincides with BlackRock’s observation of “National Save for Retirement Week” – a national event sanctioned by Congress to promote retirement savings among Americans and to encourage employees to participate in their employer-sponsored retirement plans.

“One of the most important human achievements of our time is people are living longer,” said Robert Kapito, President of BlackRock. “But we cannot continue to allow the blessing of longer lifespans to become a burden - safeguarding financially secure retirements is the defining challenge of our society.”

BlackRock Investor Watch a nationwide survey fielded in September, found many respondents to be more concerned than ever before about retirement planning – and they are taking action. The survey found that 70 percent of investors are initiating conversations with their financial advisors about retirement. The complete set of findings from BlackRock Investor Watch will be released in the coming weeks.

“At BlackRock we feel an enormous responsibility to the investors we serve,” Mr. Kapito said. “Of the $3.6 trillion in assets under BlackRock’s management, two-thirds are in some way related to retirement. Behind the pension funds and 401ks we manage, and the mutual funds and ETFs we sell are real people facing real challenges, and they are depending on those assets. They are firefighters, teachers, parents and students and all of them are or will be retirees.

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