Textron Marine & Land Systems Showcases COMMANDO(TM) Family Of Armored Vehicles At AUSA Annual 2012

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition -- Textron Marine & Land Systems, an operating unit of Textron Systems, a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, is displaying its family of COMMANDO™ vehicles in booths 7628 and 7643 at this week's 2012 AUSA Meeting and Exposition. Textron Marine & Land Systems (TM&LS) has adopted the name COMMANDO for its armored vehicles.

Rigorously tested and proven in the toughest environments, the COMMANDO family of vehicles offers a range of protection up to and exceeding MRAP level, unmatched on-road/off-road mobility and ample firepower. TM&LS offers three lines of COMMANDO four-wheeled armored vehicles – COMMANDO Advanced, COMMANDO Select and COMMANDO Elite.

COMMANDO Advanced armored vehicles are combat proven over 10 years, and are derived from Armored Security Vehicles used by the U.S. Army and other militaries in locations including Afghanistan, Iraq and Colombia. All COMMANDO Advanced armored vehicle variants offer excellent on-road and off-road mobility enabling them to operate in urban, jungle, desert and mountainous terrain. Crew protection is reinforced with a V-shaped hull bottom and 360-degree protection from direct fire.

COMMANDO Select armored personnel carriers include variants that can carry up to 10 occupants, and offer an enhanced combination of lethality, survivability, mobility and sustainability. MRAP-level 1 crew protection is built into all COMMANDO Select vehicles. Greater survivability, however, doesn't come at the expense of mobility. These vehicles deliver greater mobility than other similar MRAP-type armored vehicles on the market. More than 440 COMMANDO Select vehicles are currently being built and fielded, under the name Mobile Strike Force Vehicles, for the Afghanistan National Army.

The COMMANDO Elite line features TM&LS' most highly-protected and capable armored vehicles. These vehicles feature a digital backbone, provide MRAP-level 2 mine-blast protection, and deliver lethality through multiple sensors and weapons options. COMMANDO Elite vehicles come equipped with drive train enhancements that make them fast and highly maneuverable in a wide range of environments. The Canadian Forces earlier this year contracted for 500 of these vehicles for its Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle program. The United Arab Emirates also is considering the COMMANDO Elite for use by its Presidential Guard.

"Our more than four-decade heritage of delivering trusted armored vehicles, going back to our days as Cadillac Gage, is the inspiration and foundation for these new generation COMMANDO vehicles," said Textron Marine & Land Systems Senior Vice President and General Manager Tom Walmsley. "Our versatile family of armored vehicles, proven in the toughest environments, give operators the ability to go almost anywhere and perform nearly any mission with confidence."

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