Official Takeover Offer Published By Informatica For Heiler Software

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Oct. 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Informatica Deutschland AG, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiaryof Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq: INFA), the world's number oneindependent leader in data integration software,today published the Offer Document for the voluntary publictakeover offer for all outstanding shares of German-listed HeilerSoftware AG (WKN 542 990). The Offer Document has been approved bythe German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).Informatica Deutschland AG offers as consideration to allshareholders of Heiler Software AG EUR 7.04 per share in cash.

The acceptance period commences today with the publication ofthe Offer Document and is expected to end on November 21,2012, midnight (CET). Beginning today, the shareholders of HeilerSoftware AG have the opportunity to accept the offer for theirshares in Heiler Software AG. To do so they have to declare inwriting their acceptance of the takeover offer to their respectivecustodian bank.

Informatica Deutschland AG has already secured approximately71.6 percent of all outstanding shares in Heiler Software AG(excluding treasury shares) through irrevocable agreements withcertain key shareholders of Heiler Software AG, and as of today,holds approximately 14.22 % of all outstanding shares inHeiler Software AG (excluding treasury shares).

Additional details about the voluntary public takeover offer ofInformatica Deutschland AG for all outstanding shares in HeilerSoftware AG including a previous press release can be found at

The management board of Heiler Software AG sees significantopportunities for the strategic development of Heiler by combiningits business with Informatica. Informatica Corporation andInformatica Deutschland AG entered into a transaction agreementwith Heiler Software AG that establishes the key aspects of thetakeover offer and the associated goals for the further strategicdevelopment of Heiler. The management board and supervisory boardof Heiler Software AG will thoroughly examine the offer publishedtoday and subsequently publish a well-founded opinion on it.

The offer price represents a premium of approximately 147percent compared to the XETRA closing price of the shares of HeilerSoftware AG on September 28, 2012, the last day of trading beforethe offer was announced. The completion of the takeover offer issubject to a minimum acceptance level of 67.5 percent of alloutstanding shares in Heiler Software AG (excluding treasuryshares) and certain other offer conditions set forth in the OfferDocument.

The Offer Document was published today along with a non-bindingEnglish translation at of the Offer Document and its non-binding Englishtranslation are also available free of charge at CommerzbankAktiengesellschaft, ZCM-ECM Execution, Mainzer Landstrasse 153,60327 Frankfurt/Main (orders by fax to +49 (0) 69 136 44598).Shareholders of Heiler Software AG are strongly advised tocarefully read in full the Offer Document as well as otherpublications and notifications of Informatica Deutschland AG inconnection to the takeover offer. In particular, U.S. shareholdersof Heiler Software AG are advised to pay particular attention tothe section of the Offer Document entitled "Important Informationfor U.S. Shareholders".

The shares in Heiler Software AG are listed on the regulatedmarket ( regulierter Markt) - General Standard - on theFrankfurt Stock Exchange under ISIN DE 0005429906.

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Disclaimer and Forward-Looking Statements

This release is neither an offer to purchase nor a solicitationof an offer to sell Heiler Software AG shares or any othersecurity. The Offer Document and the terms and conditions containedtherein shall have sole relevance in respect of the offer.Investors and holders of shares in Heiler Software AG are advisedto read the relevant documents regarding the takeover offerpublished by Informatica Deutschland AG because they containimportant information. Investors and holders of shares in HeilerSoftware AG can receive the Offer Document as well as otherdocuments pertaining to the offer from the website

This release contains forward-looking statements, includingthose related to the timing of the takeover offer, the expectedfuture business of Informatica Deutschland AG, InformaticaCorporation or any other entity and the expected benefits tocustomers, employees and shareholders. These statements are basedon the current expectations of the management of InformaticaDeutschland AG and Informatica Corporation and are inherentlysubject to risks, uncertainties and changes in circumstances. These expectations or any forward-looking statements could prove tobe incorrect, and actual results could differ materially from thoseprojected or assumed in the forward-looking statements.  Thepotential risks, uncertainties and changes in circumstances thatcould cause actual results to differ materially include, amongothers, risks related to the completion of the takeover offer,product integration and the failure of the market to develop asexpected.  Informatica Deutschland AG and InformaticaCorporation do not undertake any obligation to update theforward-looking statements to reflect actual results, or any changein events, conditions, assumptions or other factors.
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