About Robert P. Scripps

The eldest child of Robert Paine and Margaret Culbertson Scripps, Bob Scripps served as a director of The E. W. Scripps Company from 1949 until 1997, and was a long-time vice chairman of The Edward W. Scripps Trust.

“Bob Scripps was a profoundly wise and generous man who left a clear imprint on the company his grandfather created and in all of the communities it serves,” said Lowe, who served eight years as president and chief executive officer of The E. W. Scripps Company. “Stoically, and with measured determination, Bob helped guide Scripps through a remarkable half-century of change and growth.”

In addition to business leadership, Bob Scripps shared with his grandfather a love for the land that took root at Miramar, the 2,100-acre ranch in Southern California that was a home of Edward W. Scripps’ family. Bob Scripps cultivated his love of farming at Miramar Ranch, and continued it at his ranch home in Texas where he raised peaches and plums.

Scripps started in the family business during the depression when he “ran calculators” at the Cincinnati headquarters for the same $20 per week paid to other beginners. He returned to Miramar in the late 1930s, and in 1941 he was drafted as a private in the Army infantry. Within days of the attack on Pearl Harbor, he shipped out of San Francisco for Guadalcanal, eventually serving in the Georgia Islands, the Solomon Islands and the Philippines. He was on a troop ship bound for home when the first atomic bomb was dropped.

After the war, Scripps returned to farming, but he remained active in family businesses. He frequently traveled to Cincinnati for trustee and board meetings, including those of the Scripps Howard Foundation, on whose board he was a trustee emeritus.

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