Kickstarter took the lead in attracting game developers -- eight have raised more than $1 million this year. Such stats likely enticed newcomer,, to launch last month and target the game industry. Growing awareness among indie game developers have created their own support system.

"I'm constantly tweeting support. I bet over half the games I'm throwing money at on Kickstarter I wouldn't have bought in retail. When you see the developer talk about his game on Kickstarter, you see the passion. The dynamics are different," Fargo said.

Then again, any organized attempt to manage the post-Kickstarter flow by a third party or even Kickstarter itself could dull the excitement, said Andrew Birt, whose LIFX light bulb project took the rare step of turning down money after reaching 13-times its goal in two days.

"I think a huge part of the magic of Kickstarter is the unbridled creativity the platform lets people access," Birt said. "...I think it'd really water down the excitement and inspiration we all get from following Kickstarter if the process was too sanitized and too heavily guarded. It's certainly a balancing act, and with time this will continue to mature but I have a lot of respect for them and the way they go about it."

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