Those of us who are Google shareholders may have suffered a temporary setback with Thursday's unfortunate Google earnings release, but Google's revolutionary new product creates a new kind of pain and inflicts it on the computing world: Microsoft, Apple and for that matter Intel and AMD, simply cannot compete at this point.

When the dust settles from Google's earnings release, next week's launch of Windows 8, Apple's new iPad, and much more, what the world will remember five or 10 years from now is the Google laptop. Microsoft and its partners sell products of questionable popularity, priced mostly from $500 to $1,000; Apple is selling laptops starting around $1,000; and Google's beautiful device with some superior specifications comes in at a price lower than even the cheapest iPad.

I have spent the last 22 months working a majority of my time on the predecessor devices to this $249 Google laptop, and I got time to work on this latest version this morning. I can say with confidence that it is the best value -- by a mile -- you can get for spending $249 on any kind of technology. You should order as many as you can, and make it the Christmas stocking present of choice, for as many people as you can afford.

If you are Microsoft or Apple -- or for that matter Intel or AMD -- you just had to go to the bathroom and feel ill. How on God's green Earth can they respond to this bombshell by Google?

At the time of publication, the author was long GOOG and AAPL, and short MSFT, AMZN and AMD.

This article is commentary by an independent contributor, separate from TheStreet's regular news coverage.

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