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Eli Lilly ( LLY)

Background: Eli Lilly discovers, develops, manufactures and sells pharmaceutical products worldwide. The company was founded in 1876 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind. The stock trades an average of 8.4 million shares per day with a marketcap of $60 billion.

52-Week Range: $35.46 to $53.99

Book Value: $12.33

Price to Book: 4.2

Earnings Payout Percentage: 54%

In the last month, the stock has really moved higher with a 10.8% increase. Investors are receiving $1.96 in dividends for a yield of 3.65%. The story gets even better looking at the monster 33% rise in share price over the last 52 weeks. Analysts are calling for a price target of $50.46.

This isn't the first time I brought up Eli Lilly. At the end of August, I wrote about the company in Six Bullish Stocks That Pay High Dividends . I liked the company then and I continue to like it now. I would not chase it though and allowing for a pullback before entry may be prudent.

TheStreet's Jim Cramer writes about Eli Lilly in Watch out for the Tightrope .

LLY Dividend Chart LLY Dividend data by YCharts

It doesn't take Tom DeMark at MarketStudies.com to figure out Lilly is running up the chart fast. The moving averages are rock-solid bullish and money is pouring into this equity. One note of caution, once the sugar high of the Affordable Care Act wears off, the health industry may face serious headwinds. Investors should obviously keep a little closer eye on the makeup of Washington next year.

The last reported short interest is paltry and without reason to consider it a meaningful influence at only 1.7% of the average trading float.

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