REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Oct. 17, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Versant Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNT), a worldwide leader in developing data management software infrastructure for complex, mission-critical applications, today announced the general availability of Versant JPA, a Java-based API that supports high-performance database and analytics operations for the new era of Big Data applications. The new release greatly reduces the cost and risks of migration to other proprietary NoSQL technologies by being fully compliant with the latest JPA specifications, and offers several unique features, including the industry's first solution for zero-downtime schema changes, a Java standards-based analytics framework, and compliance with the highly popular JBoss Application Server.

Versant JPA's Java standards-based API allows developers to use existing coding skills to process previously unmanageable Big Data sets, and perform highly complex operations at speeds and scales unmatched by any other NoSQL technology. Enterprises can visit Versant's website now to learn more about how Versant JPA's Java-based interface can immediately tackle Big Data's challenges without the vendor lock-in risks of having to learn proprietary NoSQL programming languages.

The Versant JPA server adds several features that were built based on direct feedback from thousands of Versant users around the world, and which expand on the original Java Persistence API's capabilities to offer true one-of-a-kind functionality. Foremost among these new features is Versant's Application Evolution, a first of its kind technology that ensures zero application downtime during schema modifications, allowing enterprises to seamlessly change application data models without impacting customer experiences due to restarts. Additionally, the Versant JPA server is compliant with the extremely popular JBoss Application Server, which is also Java standards-based, and ships with an Eclipse IDE plugin that allows for easy code development, offering enterprises further protection against vendor lock-in and future upgrade complications.

"Despite society's always-on expectations, many enterprises still accept application downtime as an unavoidable side effect of migrating to Big Data technologies, or updating applications," said Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Application Development and Deployment, IDC. "Enterprises also tend to equate Big Data with Big Money, and when economic uncertainty is still very high, they need ways to save while still enabling innovation. Standards-based, open source NoSQL technologies are rare, but they are hugely important for combatting both of these challenges, and for allowing enterprises to handle Big Data's inherently uncertain future."

The Versant JPA SDK also includes multiple technical previews that allow enterprises to take a large step toward implementing a complete Big Data architecture. Technical previews shipped in the Versant JPA SDK include:
  • Versant's Hadoop Connector, which allows enterprises to easily ingest data from a map/reduce process into their datastores.
  • Versant's R-Integration, which enables enterprises to import data into the hugely popular open-source R analytics framework to perform statistical analysis.
  • Versant's Java-based analytics framework, a fast, scalable, and sophisticated way for enterprises to ingest, transform, and efficiently aggregate data from multiple sources into existing data models.

"We put a high premium on quality and stress testing, so when we release new functionalities like this, we are confident they not only deliver what we promise, but that they perform very well," said Versant's Vice President of Technology, Robert Greene. "Our users are extremely loyal, and we in turn strive to provide them the features they need and ensure our solutions deliver outstanding performance. Versant JPA is a significant step towards providing enterprises with a solution that allows them to tackle Big Data's challenges now, as well as remain flexible for future demands."

For enterprise developers seeking a fast, scalable, and sophisticated Big Data platform that presents extremely low adoption risks, the Versant JPA server and SDK can be downloaded at

Versant is dedicated to continuing to evolve the Versant JPA server and SDK, and is interested in receiving feedback from our users and customers. To provide feedback, suggest new features, or request support for existing features in the new Versant JPA server and SDK, email Versant at  

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