The Wall Street Journal review and outlook:

"Mr. Romney could have done better making the case for his agenda, in particular explaining why his policies will work better than Mr. Obama's. Mr. Romney is rarely good on the why. He was most persuasive on oil prices and tax-rate cuts for small business, least effective in missing a chance to mention Mr. Obama's many failed energy investments while claiming to love solar and wind power as much as the President does."

The New York Times editorial:

"Instead of windy and lethargic answers, the president was crisp in reciting his accomplishments and persuasive in explaining how he has restarted economic growth. Instead of letting Mr. Romney get away with a parade of falsehoods and unworkable promises, he regularly and forcefully called his opponent wrong. Having left many supporters wondering after the first debate whether he really wanted another four years, he finally seemed like a man who was ready to fight for another term."

The Washington Post editorial:

"President Obama and Mitt Romney faced off Tuesday night in a scrappy, at times downright nasty town-hall debate that featured a feistier, more focused Obama than was seen in their first encounter and that broadened the discussion to social issues such as immigration, contraceptive coverage and gun control. If the candidates' remarks did not break new, substantive ground, the evening served to sharpen differences between them and to give each a chance to make a sales pitch to crucial constituencies, particularly to women voters."

The Huffington Post's Ryan Grim and Sabrina Siddiqui:

"It was a very different Obama from the one who barely showed up for the first debate. 'Very little of what Governor Romney just said is true,' Obama said early in the debate. During the first debate, Obama looked down at his notes or his shoes while Romney spoke. Tonight, he turned away from the audience early to squarely face Romney while directly attacking him."

-- Written by Joe Deaux in Hempstead, N.Y.

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