Who Won the Second Presidential Debate?

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. ( TheStreet) -- Barack Obama went on the offensive Tuesday night at the second presidential debate as Mitt Romney refused to relinquish the momentum he grabbed from his energetic performance in the candidates' first meeting.

Obama and Romney offered voters a substantive spectacle at Hofstra University at the town-hall-style debate and even exchanged heated words a few times in a rare moment of face-to-face discussion.

TheStreet spoke to experts from various fields to gauge who they think won the debate. TheStreet also observed how pundits and journalists from other media outlets scored the contest. Here's what they all had to say in their own words.

Rep. Peter King, Republican Congressman from New York:

"If the two of them were starting off fresh, then it could be fifty-fifty; I don't know which way the American people would go, but when you add in the fact that the president's policies have not worked, that gives the advantage to Mitt Romney. ... I think President Obama got inspired by Joe Biden, was going to try to dominate the stage, and I thought governor Romney did an effective job of being aggressive but respectful. ... I'm not going to second guess Romney , I mean he did basically everything I think he should have done. I'm sure somewhere tomorrow morning he's going to wake up and say, 'My God, why didn't I say this, or why didn't I say that,' as debates go I think he did exceptionally well. ... Romney's best moment was when he drove home the fact that the morning after the worst attack on an American embassy in 33 years, Barack Obama went to Las Vegas to hustle money. ... Obama's worst moment was when he refused to answer the question about security at the embassy and the consulate, and would not answer why he went to raise money. He did much better than he did two weeks ago; he's a smart guy, a very smart guy, very determined, very passionate. So I thought overall he did much better than he had done two weeks ago. Nothing in particular struck me, other than the fact that he was more aggressive and he was more willing to fight back."

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