Here's another surprising source of abundance: 3D printing. It's about where computer printing was in 1978, and it's about to create abundance in the creation of customized stuff.

It's nothing less than a revolution in manufacturing, as TechCrunch notes , and the big money will go to those that can make use of this new abundance.

Or take garbage. Waste Management ( WM) has become the biofuel industry's sugar daddy, as I wrote recently at Seeking Alpha. It backs companies such as Renmatix and Enerkem , which want to use its garbage as a feedstock for fuel.

Again, the name of the game is using abundance, turning what we have a lot of into something of value.

If you want to make money, look for abundance, and find a way to turn that abundance into something people will buy. While most reporters are looking at shortages -- of food, of fuel, of water -- the solutions to our problems are at hand, in abundance.

This is a business that tech reporters know well. It would do well for energy and manufacturing reporters to learn how it's played, too. For them, it's 1978. I only wish I were 23 again so I could take the coming ride with you.

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