World’s First Cloud-based Mobile Offload Architecture Comes To Broadband World Forum With Live ADTRAN Demo

ADTRAN®, Inc., (NASDAQ:ADTN), a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions, today announced plans for a live demonstration of the industry’s first cloud-based mobile offload architecture at Broadband World Forum. The demonstration will illustrate the flexibility of the cloud-based architecture and leverage the power of network virtualization to offload mobile traffic to Wi-Fi. With live access points (APs) on the show floor in Amsterdam, mobile users will authenticate with their mobile carrier via the Accuris Networks AccuROAM platform in Dublin, all while being controlled from a Bluesocket virtual WLAN (vWLAN®) virtual control instance in Boston. Anyone with a suitable roaming agreement on their mobile device can enjoy the benefit of automatic roaming from the cellular network to the Wi-Fi network at the ADTRAN exhibit on the show floor.

First announced in June 2012, ADTRAN’s approach to mobile offload is unique in that the data session is distributed and managed locally in the AP. The control plane is both centralized and virtualized so that it can reside anywhere in the cloud. As shown in this demonstration, data sessions do not have to go back to Boston but rather access the Internet directly from the show floor in Amsterdam. With user control and session authentication taking place remotely, the need for data session backhaul is eliminated. This gives mobile network operators the maximum degree of freedom to design an optimal offload network.

Mobile offload solutions are enabling service providers to address the growing demand for mobile data. Smartphones and tablets make data sessions simple to launch and easy to use. The proliferation of these devices has created congestion on 3G/4G/LTE mobile networks, but fortunately these devices are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and therefore their data sessions are capable of being offloaded. Unfortunately, most Wi-Fi networks are either built on independent access points that cannot support AP to AP mobility or built around a hardware-based controller-centric architecture that create backhaul challenges. ADTRAN’s cloud-based mobile offload solution, based on vWLAN, saves operators the expense and engineering challenges of coping with backhaul. At the same time, vWLAN supports AP to AP mobility, security policies at the AP, and user differentiation necessary to support offload.

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