A Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy: Opinion

VANCOUVER (Bullions Bull Canada) -- It seems impossible to believe the Nobel Prize committee could have disgraced itself any further than when it awarded its "Peace Prize" to President Barack Obama in 2009.

Obama received his farcial reward for perpetuating one brutal, decade-long military occupation (Afghanistan) while he was also busy supplying military training and re-arming Iraqi Sunnis in preparation for a new civil war in Iraq.

Yet, in 2012, the Nobel Prize committee has done it again. Friday it awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union for its central role in perpetrating the economic rape of the peoples of Europe.

Indeed, with this one prize the Nobel committee has demonstrated these awards are now nothing but political propaganda whose only purpose is to try to make "black" appear "white."

We see this clearly displayed with the fabricated pretext for making this award:
The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize for fostering peace on a continent ravaged by war.

The reality is that in 2012 the EU did precisely the opposite of this.

Understand that the "unity crisis" that has engulfed the EU was created by the EU this year. There was no unity crisis at the beginning of the year. This "crisis" didn't begin until the EU had completed its economic destruction of Greece's economy.

Here again the facts are unequivocal. The EU demanded that Greece's supposedly sovereign government follow its own "plan" to supposedly rescue Greece's economy...except there was no plan. The EU simply forced Europe's least-solvent government to borrow countless billions more euros, with interest.

How can forcing an insolvent debtor to borrow more money solve a "debt crisis"? Obviously it can't. It is the most-literal example imaginable of the cliche of "putting out the fire with gasoline."

It's also important that readers are aware of the political/economic blackmail engaged in by the EU as it forced this economic suicide on Greece. It demanded that Greece continue to impose sadistic "austerity" on its population, even after economic data clearly showed this was accelerating the collapse of Greece's economy. Meanwhile, the EU warned of numerous acts of economic retribution should Greece's government fail to accede to its terms of blackmail.

What makes this sham award the epitome of hypocrisy is that the shameless Nobel "jury" explicitly acknowledges that: "...the financial crisis challenging the bloc's unity could lead to a return to "extremism and nationalism."

What the Nobel hypocrites somehow managed to omit was that they were handing their Peace Prize to the architects of this financial crisis. Even the headline written by Associated Press explicitly acknowledges the hypocrisy of this award: "Despite debt crisis, European Union wins Nobel Peace Prize."

Indeed, for any naive readers who still view Nobel Prizes as meaningful/prestigious awards its 2012 decision is, at best, totally baffling. Not only has the EU failed to solve this debt crisis/unity crisis, not only has it failed to make the slightest progress here but the situation is rapidly deteriorating.

In 2012 alone, the EU instigated the Greek debt default and it formally imposed its austerity on Spain (which is now also plummeting toward bankruptcy). Meanwhile, the overall economy of the EU has deteriorated to such a degree (thanks to EU incompetency) that these banker-traitors recently announced the ultimate desperation measure: "unlimited" buying of EU-member bonds and the unlimited money-printing needed to finance those purchases.

This one, ultra-extreme measure demonstrates by itself that everything the EU has done to "rescue" the economies of Europe has been a total failure.

First of all, it explicitly turns the entire European debt market into a genuine Ponzi-scheme where only exponential infusions of newly-printed money can delay the complete implosion (in domino-like fashion) of all these individual debt markets.

Second, as I detailed in a previous commentary, the unlimited money printing itself is an act of monetary insanity which must result in hyperinflation. Indeed, since unlimited/infinite money-printing always accompanies hyperinflation. What the EU has done is to simply give European printing presses a head start on their "work" that lies ahead.

Here one might want to conclude that the Nobel Prize committee is in fact guilty of nothing more serious than manifest incompetence. When we look at the Cast of Clowns who have received the Nobel Prize for economics over recent years, a powerful argument could be made that the Nobel committee is simply incapable of the competent analysis necessary to make sure its awards make it into the hands of worthy recipients.

What negates any conclusion of this sham-award being a mere accident of incompetence are the explicitly political remarks of the Nobel committee chairman, Thorbjoern Jagland:

"We do not have a position on how to solve these problems, but we send a very strong message emphasis mine that we should keep in mind why we got this Europe after World War II...And that we should do everything we can to safeguard it, not let it disintegrate and let the extremism and nationalism grow again..."

These words are very clear: Irrespective of whether the EU deserved this award, it has been handed this prize as a tool of propaganda to aid the EU as it usurps the sovereignty of European governments while it destroys their economies one by one.

The rationalizing of the Nobel chairman of the justification for using Nobel Prizes as tools of propaganda is despicable enough. However, the words take on a much more sinister tone if we credit these propagandists with actually comprehending that they were not merely rewarding failure, but (in fact) attempting to cloak the perpetrators of this crisis with a veil of legitimacy.

How else do we interpret the Nobel committee's decision to award its 2009 Peace Prize to a perpetrator of war?

The once-prestigious Nobel awards have not merely lost all of their luster, but have devolved into a mockery of excellence. At best, they regularly reward failure. At worst, they are a shameless attempt to hide the crimes of Villains.

There is now only one way to derive any "honor" from a Nobel Prize: Refuse to accept one, or, for past winners, to renounce their bogus trinkets.

This commentary comes from an independent investor or market observer as part of TheStreet guest contributor program. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of TheStreet or its management.

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