Discover Fan Loyalty Poll: College Football Fans Want To Sit With Mitt

Politics and college football may not go hand-in-hand, but this week’s Discover Fan Loyalty Poll showed fans definitely have a preference on which presidential candidate they’d like to sit next to during a game. This week’s poll found that a majority of fans want to sit with Mitt.

In the sixth week of Discover’s national survey designed to gauge college football fan loyalty, fans were asked which one of the presidential candidates they would choose to sit next to at their team's upcoming home game. A majority, 53 percent, said they would want to sit with Governor Romney, while 42 percent said they’d like to sit with President Obama.

However, President Obama has some Big 10 bragging rights over Gov. Romney, as 52 percent of its fans were the exception in this week’s poll and said they’d like to sit next to President Obama. Only 43 percent of Big 10 fans chose Gov. Romney. A majority of fans of the SEC, PAC-12, Big East, Big 12 and ACC said they’d like to sit next to Gov. Romney.

Not only do college football fans want to sit with Mitt, half of them want Gov. Romney to pick up the drink tab too: when asked whom they would choose to buy a round for the crowd at their team's next home game, 50 percent chose Gov. Romney while 39 percent chose President Obama. Even Big 10 fans swung in Romney’s favor, with 48 percent wanting Gov. Romney to buy a round and 42 percent saying President Obama.

Politics aside, a healthy percentage of college football fans do agree on one thing: Alabama is the best team in the country. The Crimson Tide secured the top spot for the sixth week in a row at 42 percent. But the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame have snuck into the top five in this week’s poll, knocking West Virginia down a spot. Following Alabama are:
  • Oregon, 17 percent
  • Florida, 5 percent
  • Notre Dame, 5 percent
  • South Carolina, 4 percent
  • West Virginia, 4 percent
  • Ohio State, 4 percent
  • Kansas State, 2 percent
  • Some other team, 10 percent
  • Not sure, 8 percent

When asked which of the above teams’ would win the national championship game this year, Alabama came out on top at 44 percent.

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