Hooper Holmes Health And Wellness Introduces New Early Warning System To Ensure Biometric Screenings Start On Time

Hooper Holmes' (NYSE MKT:HH) Health and Wellness division today introduced a new feature designed to engineer, manage and track the on-time performance of group health screenings.

With the new myCheck-In feature each Health Professional calls an 800 number when arriving at a group screening. Hooper Holmes' event managers track these sign-ins through a real-time web dashboard. If a Health Professional is late signing in, alarms ring.

"myCheck-In helps us assure that the hundreds of biometric screening events we manage for customers each day start on time and are properly staffed," said Matt Combs, Senior Vice President, Operations for Hooper Holmes Health & Wellness. "When we see a health professional has not checked in we call the customer and let them know. We beat the customer to the communication. So we can create a fix plan to move someone around, redefine responsibilities at the event or bring in a health professional from another location. And over time, we identify trends and attack root causes."

Biometric screenings are important elements of employee health programs. They help employees live healthier lives and can save them money in health care costs. A biometric screening is a “teachable moment” that makes results actionable and helps change behavior.

Whenever employee health is involved, HR executives simply can't afford errors. A group screening that starts late can hurt an entire program, reduce participation and create more problems for overworked HR and benefits people.

"We developed myCheck-In because employers already have enough on their plate when it comes to getting employees to participate in biometric screenings," said Matt Combs. "The last thing they need is a screening that starts late or without a full staff of health professionals. If screenings back up, some employees may not be able to participate or return to work on time. We can't prevent car accidents or health professionals getting stuck in traffic, but we can be proactive in our communications to sponsors and customers and in implementing action plans."

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