I don't blame Zaky. He runs in a world where it's all about his record on the stock. And, as I have said in more than one place over the last couple years, he's among the best at predicting where the stock will move and what unit sales/revenue/EPS will come in at.

Frankly, there's little that bothers me about Zaky's bullishness or even the errant shots he directs my way. I've been the target of all sorts of stuff over the years.

However, at some point -- and I think we are long past the point -- what amounts to calls from Zaky, Elmer-DeWitt and others to stop the alleged bearishness is akin to a fanatical political regime stifling not only dissent, but all public discourse that veers from state-provided talking points.

Should TheStreet, CNBC and others only parade people with bullish views of AAPL across their respective screens? If you ask Zaky, he would "probably" say yes because there's not a bearish argument on AAPL he's not set to shoot down. He has his mind made up.

As far as he and his crew are concerned, because AAPL has behaved the way it has over the last month many times before, the pattern will repeat. Maybe, maybe not, but accepting that as gospel is a dangerous proposition.

We cover forward-looking spaces. As such, I like to debate the future. I'm not concerned with being right and wrong. I have had and will continue to have my share of both fates.

I choose to focus on the subjects that (A) people seem to care about and (B) do not have clearcut answers. The iPhone 5 will annihilate all previous smartphone sales records that have come before it. Okay. Great. I agree. Where can we go with that beyond buying rounds for one another?

Expecting yourself and others to always be "right" shows a green view of trading and investing.

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