Apple Bulls Having Love Fest: Please, Get a Room

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Philip Elmer-DeWitt's Apple ( AAPL) love fest with hedge fund manager Andy Zaky is not only getting old, it has become downright scary.

There's a lesson in all of this, however, for investors as well as people who prefer uncritical fawning over actual cognitive function.

Long story short.

Elmer-DeWitt writes almost exclusively about Apple for Fortune. He's a pretty well-respected scribe and, like pretty much everything that comes out of Fortune, I enjoy his work. I don't miss a post from the guy.

Same goes for Zaky. In fact, last year, when I voted for the best article of 2011 at another Web site, I chose an excellent piece by Zaky where he basically told readers, almost down to the one's column, how Apple the company and AAPL the stock's numbers would look on earnings.

That said, both of these guys need to go on a break or, at the very least, get a room.

On Wednesday, for about the umpteenth time in two weeks, Elmer-DeWitt used his Fortune column to take the same old shots at so-called AAPL bears.

Both he and Zaky appear obsessed with TheStreet's Doug Kass and, to a slightly lesser extent, me.

Consider something Zaky said, at his blog:
Like Doug Kass, Rocco Pendola would probably argue that Apple won't earn $70 in EPS because iPhone 5 sales are going to slow as a result of a slowdown in the global macroeconomic environment, or as a result of MappleGate or as a result of some very obscure notion of a collapse in Apple's brand hitting iPhone sales. We will get nothing real or concrete from either Rocco or Doug Kass.

At least he qualified his mischaracterization of my position with "probably." Anybody who actually reads my stuff knows I have been ultra-bullish on iPhone 5, from practically every perspective, save MappleGate. In fact, I ridiculed the drop in AAPL related to so-called weak iPhone 5 sales.

But, it's not about me and Zaky, Elmer-DeWitt and Kass or any combination thereof.

As with many of these types of debates, you can -- thankfully -- cull some general investment-related wisdom.

Zaky, Elmer-DeWitt and others of the same or similar ilk lament the presence of anything that even resembles "negative" or "bearish" Apple talk on TheStreet or CNBC. To them, anything other than a wholly "bullish" view must be negative or bearish. They live in a world of black-and-white Bushian dichotomy.

They have strange obsessions and, in Zaky's case, a vested interest, in wearing their hyper-bullishness on their sleeves, reminding everybody about how "right" they have been and maligning anybody who has ever been "wrong" on AAPL, taken a contrarian view or attempted to move the discussion past what we already know -- Apple is an incredible company that puts up mind-blowing numbers today and likely will for the foreseeable future.

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