Neonode® Launches Neonode Smartphone I – High Performance - Low Cost Mobile Phone Touch Solution

Neonode Inc., (NASDAQ:NEON), the optical touch technology company, announced today the market introduction of Neonode Smartphone I – the company’s new all-in-one touch solution for next generation smart- and feature phones. Neonode Smartphone I is a fully integrated mobile phone touch sensing solution, enabling a total BOM (bill of material) unit cost as low as $2, in high volume production.

Neonode Smartphone I, based on Neonode’s cutting-edge MultiSensing™ technology, is likely the fastest and most responsive touch solution on the market today - up to 10 times faster than industry standard capacitive solutions. It offers a comprehensive feature set and all the capabilities that are expected from a state-of-the-art smartphone of today, such as:
  • Touch based gestures and features can be activated via any object, such as a finger, gloved finger, paint-brush, stylus or an ordinary pen
  • Ultra-low power utilization, including Neonode’s energy saving AlwaysON™ feature
  • 1000 Hz scanning rate achieving close to zero latency for fast accurate pen tracking, gestures and sweeps
  • Pressure sensing
  • Low total building height for designing super thin devices
  • Short range Proximity sensing – touch free air gestures, sliders and near object detection
  • Full sweep and gestures recognition for user-friendly navigation, including multi-touch smooth zooming and pinching
  • Very high resolution with a virtually 100% glare-free touch screen, optimized for usage in practically any type of lighting condition, including direct sunlight
  • Extremely ruggedized; works in a very wide temperature range and in rough environments

The Neonode Smartphone I, solution uses Neonode´s single chip touch frontend IC, the NN1001, developed together with our partner Texas Instruments. The NN1001 connects directly, with a high speed 1.8/3.3V SPI interface, to virtually any microcontroller or application/baseband processor. The touch software can run directly on the application processor, sharing its memory and processing power, thereby reducing cost and increasing performance. This configuration also makes field software updates possible, as the touch driver now is a part of the total operating system.

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