Intel Missed Mobile Worse Than Facebook Did

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- You'll recognize a theme in a recent article I wrote on Hewlett Packard ( HPQ) as well as one this morning on Netflix ( NFLX).

The young inexperienced CEO at Facebook ( FB), Mark Zuckerberg, has plenty to offer older, apparently more seasoned veterans such as Meg Whitman and Reed Hastings.

He can certainly teach Whitman a thing or two about shooting straight in public and not coming off drier and less inspiring than a politician.

As for Hastings, young buck Zuck could help him not be quite so stubborn. It's one thing to adhere to your mission; it's completely another to be so rigid with your model that you're unwilling to make minor tweaks to it.

I haven't quite determined the lesson Zuckerberg can teach Intel ( INTC), but I have to assume he has some wise nugget -- a nickel's worth of free advice from his old dorm room -- to pass on regarding mobile troubles.

I have serious respect for Intel. I have been long the stock several times over the years, most recently bailing just before it imploded. It hurts to be bearish, but there's really no other choice.

Facebook's miss on mobile pales in comparison to Intel's.

Granted, in one way we're talking about two different things; however, I'm not sure that matters.

Facebook was slow on the uptake vis-a-vis user migration from desktop to mobile. Twitter, Pandora ( P) and venture-backed newbies such as Kabam saw it coming, beating Facebook to the punch. That's bad, but it's not even close to the end of the world.

Facebook has the pieces in place to recover rapidly. It has a massive user base that is on mobile and, as Zuckerberg adjusts on the fly, he and COO Sheryl Sandberg have obviously stepped up monetization plans.

Wanting, Collecting, Promoting and Buying probably were not supposed to follow up Liking quite so quickly, but Facebook had to make the move.

It takes one look at eMarketer's mobile ad revenue projections to realize that, by 2013, only Google ( GOOG), and maybe Twitter, will separate Facebook from being the king of mobile revenue.

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