As I documented in a previous commentary , only one western nation has escaped the economic slavery imposed by governments serving corporate oligarchs: Iceland. It threw the banking cabal out of its country, and adopted people before parasites in its economic policies. The oligarchs vowed not to let another nation escape its slavery.

This is the true goal of austerity: to turn citizens into serfs, since serfs are much easier to govern. We saw this in Greece, where after its economy had already been destroyed the oligarchs used the combination of fear and propaganda to get Greek serfs to re-elect the same traitors who had destroyed their economy in the first place.

It's time to stop the insanity, stop the betrayal and throw all of these governments out of power. The failure to stop this devolution of our societies back to serfdom implies the unthinkable: a high-tech Dark Age where a tiny minority live lives of utter opulence, while the masses eke out lives as low-tech peasants.

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