Nearly 40 Sanford-Brown Schools Host National Family Wellness Week To Help Families Focus On Health And Wellness

Did you know 4.6 million children – that’s 1 out of every 16 children in the United States – did not receive needed dental care because their families could not afford it? i Or that more than one in five (22.4%) people with high blood pressure don't know that they have it ii, yet high blood pressure in the United States costs the average family $760? iii

Whether it’s health check-ups or vision screenings, Sanford-Brown knows that life can get in the way of making preventative healthcare a priority, especially when the cost of healthcare services can add up. That’s why the school is providing free health screenings at its nearly 40 campuses across the country this month as part of its national Family Wellness Week. The mission is simple: help families get healthy for little or no cost.

From Oct. 8 – Oct. 13, families are invited to visit one of the Sanford-Brown campuses to take advantage of free screenings that will help get their health back on track. Students in the allied healthcare programs and their instructors will offer their time and skills to help ensure that local families have access to the resources they need to learn healthy habits, ask questions, take advantage of free health screenings, and get ready (and healthy) to go back to school.

“It can be so easy to push health to the bottom of your to-do list, especially when there’s an overwhelming need for affordable community services,” said Todd Prehm, Vice President of Community Relations, Sanford-Brown. “So as we head into fall and flu season, we want to pause, and help our communities focus on making small but vital improvements to their health and wellness.”

Throughout the week, students, faculty and administrators at Sanford-Brown campuses across the country will work to match the school’s strengths with community needs. Campuses will offer basic health screenings, such as blood pressure screenings, cholesterol tests and glucose screenings. Campuses will also provide their local communities with additional services in some of the following ways:
  • Family Health Fair at SBI-Fort Lauderdale, including free teeth polishing, free dog/cat vaccination clinic, and much more on Oct. 13
  • Family Wellness Day, including free vision screenings for all children ages 3-6 at Sanford-Brown-Cleveland on Oct. 11
  • Free oral health screenings for any visitors at the Dental Hygiene Clinic at Missouri College on Oct. 9 and Oct. 11
  • Free massages at Sanford-Brown-Iselin on Oct. 9

Spread the Word to Help Sanford-Brown Donate $10,000 to RMHC ®

In addition to helping families focus on health resources, Sanford-Brown is challenging its students and faculty to spread the word about the importance of family wellness. If the campuses achieve 10,000 video views, Sanford-Brown has made a commitment to donate $10,000 to Ronald McDonald House Charities ® (RMHC ®). The video can be viewed at:

RMHC is a nonprofit that creates, finds and supports programs that directly improve the health and well being of children. All RMHC family-centered programs provide stability and resources to families so they can get and keep their children healthy and happy.

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