I understand the accusations from partisan people, those who have an agenda to boot Obama and elect Romney. They feel robbed of one of their best talking points, that the employment rate has stayed stubbornly over 8%. But to attack those who simply accept the number and don't off-handedly imply that it can't be trusted? That's wrong, it's unfair, and frankly, it's outrageous.

To be sure, I don't like how the Labor Department number is put together. I think the whole process should be given to a Paychex ( PAYX)or to an Automatic Data Processing ( ADP) , companies that know how to do this better than anyone, perhaps with assistance from SAP ( SAP) or Tibco Software ( TIBX), both of which are able to calculate data much faster and more efficiently than the Labor Department.

In fact, I look at the Labor Department the way I looked at the replacement referees in the NFL -- they were terrible, but they were non-partisan. They were equal opportunity mistake-makers.

But to lump me in as an Obama supporter because I take these numbers at face value the way I did under the Republicans for the previous eight years? How can that be?

I think the discourse and the ad hominem attacks on me have gotten out of hand, like the criticism I received for my interview of the Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis. Somehow it was considered softball of me that all I did was ask why she isn't following up on Governor Romney's idea that if we were to try to become North American energy self-sufficient, instead of being so concerned with going green, we might create 4 million more jobs.

Look, what's good is good, no matter who is in office. These numbers were good. There's not much more to it, and anyone who says I am being partisan for that judgment is just plain wrong.

What a shame that things have gone so awry in this country that the charge can even be made, let alone made by people I respect. Or perhaps I should say people I once respected.

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