A Short Outlook on Metals, Dollar, Bonds, Stocks, Energy

NEW YORK ( TheGoldAndOilGuy.com) -- Over the past year we have had some really interesting things unfold in the market.

Investing or even swing trading has been much more difficult because of the wild economic data and daily headline news from all over the globe causing strong surges or sell-offs almost every week.

For a while there you could not hold a position for more than a week without some type of news event moving the market enough to either push you deep in the money or get stopped out for a loss. Unfortunately, this has caused a lot of individuals to give up on trading, which is not a good sign for the financial market as a whole.

The key to navigating stocks that everyone thinks are overbought is to trade small position sizes and focus on the shorter timeframes such as the four-hour charts. This chart is my secret weapon, giving you both large price swings that daily chart traders focus on while also showing clear intraday patterns to spot reversals or continuation patterns with precise entry/exit points.

While I could ramble on about why the stock market is primed for major long-term growth from this point forward, I will keep things short and simple with some four-hour and daily charts for you to see what I see and what I am thinking should unfold moving forward.

Keep in mind, the most accurate trading opportunities that happen week after week are the quick shifts in sentiment that only last two to five days at most, the focus of most of the charts that follow.

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