Faber asked Whitman why HP puts so many eggs in the printing basket, given the shift to mobile environments and the cloud. Cramer wondered aloud how she'll overcome the fact that nobody cares about an HP product release; it's all about Apple ( AAPL). He followed that up by asking for reaction to Oracle ( ORCL) CEO Larry Ellison's contention that HP was down before Mark Hurd, up with him and back down immediately after his tenure.

In total, Whitman took five minutes responding to those three questions; however, just 15 seconds went towards actually answering any of them directly.

Shockingly, Whitman made herself look even more incompetent than 2011's worst performers: Research in Motion's ( RIMM) former co-CEOs and Netflix ( NFLX) top dog Reed Hastings.

No doubt. I'm being incredibly harsh. If you're an HP shareholder, you should be as well.

As Cramer explained yesterday on TheStreet, what's happening at HP is "jaw dropping."

I thought guys like Facebook ( FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other young, wildly successful tech executives made it perfectly clear. You need to bring your "A" game when you face investors and the media. If you're not capable, put somebody else in front of the camera who is. That's what Hastings should do. That's what Mark Pincus at Zynga ( ZNGA) should do.

Compare Zuckerberg's highly-publicized appearance at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference a couple of weeks ago with Whitman's debacle on CNBC.

Whitman gave weak answers; Zuckerberg killed it.

But, it wasn't simply that he looked and sounded good. Zuckerberg actually said something. He provided investors with what they need to support a stock before the magic happens -- something material. Zuckerberg talked specifically about the space, mobile, Facebook's mistakes and how they're recovering from them.

A 28-year old first-time CEO of the company people suddenly love to hate schools a 56-year old veteran on how to handle crisis and communicate with investors.

I'm not sure why we continue to put up with it in politics. Because, in tech, the days of accepting lip service and empty talking points are long gone. We're not complete fools, Meg. We can see right through it.

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