Pluristem Develops Point-of-Care Thawing Device For PLX Cells

HAIFA, Israel, Oct. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq:PSTI) (TASE:PLTR), a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapies, today announced that a portable, compact, on-site instrument has been developed by the company for the rapid, uniform thawing of its PLX cells prior to administration. As part of the company's comprehensive approach in developing high quality, easy to use PLX cell therapy candidate products, the device ensures the uniform thawing of PLX cells across all doses.

Pluristem's "off-the-shelf" PLX cell therapy product candidates will be shipped and stored in multiple dose vials that require thawing prior to use. The vial will be placed into the proprietary thawing device and PLX cells will be ready for a convenient intramuscular (IM) injection. If we are successful in our trials and development, this cutting edge device will be used as the final step in bringing high quality, clinical grade PLX cell products to patients around the globe.

"Pluristem understands the importance of providing a standardized product with every dose of these living drug delivery devices," said Zami Aberman, Chairman and CEO of Pluristem. "Additionally, if we are successful, we want our PLX cell products, once developed, to be "easy-to-use" therapy. This thawing device will give us better control of several variables in our clinical trials and in treating patients after our products have been approved assuming we are successful. This instrument is an additional step in our vision to bring PLX cells as "first-line" therapies for a variety of indications and to think about the cell delivery process all the way from mass manufacturing to the patient's bedside."

About Pluristem Therapeutics

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq:PSTI) (TASE:PLTR) is a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapies. The Company's patented PLX (PLacental eXpanded) cells are a drug delivery platform that releases a cocktail of therapeutic proteins in response to a host of local and systemic inflammatory and ischemic diseases. PLX cells are grown using the company's proprietary 3D micro-environmental technology and are an "off-the-shelf" product that requires no tissue matching prior to administration. Pluristem is focusing on the development of PLX cells administered locally to potentially treat systemic diseases and potentially obviating the need to use the intravenous route.

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