Jim Cramer's 8-Point Plan for Higher Stock Prices

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Jim Cramer told "Mad Money" viewers Wednesday he's got an eight-point plan for higher stock prices and a better America, just in case either candidate wishes to adopt it.

  • 1. Eliminate the tax on dividends. Cramer said eliminating this tax would encourage more companies to pay dividends and reward shareholders for investing instead of trading stocks. He also supported raising the capital gains tax as further incentive to keep investors in the markets for the long-term.
  • 2. Level the playing field. Cramer said he would appoint a strong attorney general and SEC chairman to go after insider trading and clean up Wall Street for good.
  • 3. Embrace natural gas. Cramer said he'd mandate that all federal vehicles use American-made natural gas, a move that would not only force the needed infrastructure to be built, but also allow for the cutting of the defense budget, the balancing of the trade deficit and the elimination of the need to burn corn for ethanol. All by supporting U.S. fuels instead of OPEC oil from hostile nations.
  • 4. Put low interest rates to work. Cramer suggested the Treasury take advantage of historically low interest rates by issuing $500 billion in 30-year debt for infrastructure projects and another $500 billion to reduce the deficit and secure our financial future.
  • 5. Place tariffs on goods that pollute. Cramer said our country needs tariffs on goods that come from countries with lower pollution standards to level the playing field and stop companies from moving their manufacturing to places where the environment is not a concern.
  • 6. Teach financial literacy in schools. It goes without saying that our younger generation needs to be taught about money, savings, investing and how the global economy really works.
  • 7. Appoint a competition czar. Cramer said our country needs someone to aid U.S. businesses become more competitive around the globe and help them attract the best talent.
  • 8. Reappoint Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve chairman. Cramer said Bernanke has done a stellar job so far and deserves the opportunity to continue his work.

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